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Arrowwood Timeshare - Durban Spa Resort

Arrowwood Timeshare Specials

Arrowwood Timeshare specialises in the resale of timeshare to both the local and international markets. We are committed to providing an efficient, results driven service with quick turnarounds on sales and purchases. When negotiating to buy timeshares or sell timeshares, timeshare vacations, timeshare resales or timeshare holidays south africa, it is best to have a…

Durban Spa timeshare

Time Share & Deceased Estates

Ownership of time share at Durban Spa is held under Sectional Title Ownership by the registration of a formal Deed of Sectional Title in the Deeds Registry. Each owner is issued with a title deed indicating the portion of the undivided share held in a specific unit in the scheme. The rights of occupation are…